About Jimmy Ross

James Albert Abraham, known as Jimmy Ross or Mel Turner, was a singer and composer mostly known for his worldwide hit in 1981 "First True Love Affair".

As a young man, Jimmy joined the US Navy as a cook. Later in life, he changed his last name to Ross, the last name of his mother. During his teenage years in the navy, he quickly became known for his singing capabilities with fellow marines. Making some extra money in local bars and clubs whenever they went ashore, Ross quickly got recognition for his talent.

Not long after leaving the Navy, he made his way to Europe. Ross spend quite some time in the UK, recording various singles with local bands and perfoming live. Having lived in the U.K. he later moved to Germany, where got married and continued his career. Later in life he finally settled down in Belgium, where he lived for the remainder of his life.

Ross lived in Blankenberge, Antwerp, Kasterlee-Lichtaart and Wiekevorst. The switch of scenery also meant a switch in name as he started to perform and record as "Mel Turner". He spent a lot of time at Bobbejaanland with his close friend Bobbejaan Schoepen. Together, they worked intensively on live shows and bringing the amusement park to new heights.

Jimmy Ross' biggest breakthrough was "First True Love Affair" (Luciano Ninzatti / Stefano Pulga (Italy) / Mel Turner), a song that reached #7 on the Dance music Charts, and the song reached #90 on the US Billboard. Another notable song was "Fall into a Trance" which had similar success.

During the 1980's en 1990's Jimmy was a live-show regular at Bobbejaanland, attrackting many visitors every day to see his live performances. 

Sadly though, in 1993, Jimmy was diagnosed with emphysema. After hard fought 7-year battle he passed away peacefully on 21 March 2000 at the age of 63, less than a month before his 64th birthday. He was surrounded by his loving family who miss him dearly. 

Jimmy Ross